wisdom leterature

February 6, 2008

wisdom literatures bibliography

1.Old testament wisdom: an introduction, by James L.crenshawby Lawrence Boadt

2 Living under the sun:Examination of proverb and qoheleth, by Tomas Frydrych 2002

3 the wisdom literature: by Kathleen M.O’connor 1993

4 Roots of wisdom : The oldest Proverbs of Israel and other peoples, by Claus Western: 1998

5 The tree of Life: an Exploration of biblical wisdom leterature, by Roland Edmund Muphy 2002

6 Biblical books of wisdom: study of proverbs, job,eclesiastic and other…,by James M.Efind 2001

7 Jewish Wisdom in the hellenistic age, by John Joseph 1997

8 The Encyclopedia Americana: A library of universal knowledge by uncyclopedia and dictionaries 1998

9 Gospel and Wisdom: Israel’s wisdom literatures in the christian life: by Graeme Gold 1987

10 The Old testament World. by Phillip R. Davies, John William Rogerson 2002

11 Outlines in the books of the wisdom literature . by Harry E. Jessop

12 the Hebrew Literature of wisdom in the light of the day: a Synthesis, by John Franklin

13 The structure and Ethos of the wisdom admonitions in proverbs, by Philip- Joanes Nel.1982

14 Reading the old testament an introduction, 1984

15 Old testament survey: the message form and background of the old testament: by David Allan Hubbard, Frederic William Bush 1996

16 Christ Among Us : Amodern precentation of the Catholic Faith for Adults, by Wilhelm. Anthony J.anthony.1996

17 The Word of Ancient Israel: Sociological Anthropological and political: by Ronald Ernest Clements 1989

18 Reading the Bible again for the first time¬† taking the bible Seriously but…, by Marcus J. Bory 2001

19 Who’s Who in the Old Testament : by Joan Cormay 2001

20 The Cumulative book index ; by H.W Wilson Campany 1909



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